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MeetTed Petersen
Ted Petersen brings a rich history of valuable experience to SportStar Arizona. Having served as Executive Vice President of SportStar Relocation for 10+ years, Ted was responsible for all day-to-day operations in addition to managing over 50 real estate agents nationwide and all “athlete transactions” across North America. This level of experience and athlete interaction is ultimately what led Ted Petersen to create SportStar Arizona (SportStar/AZ) and form this new and exciting real estate team. During his time in NYC and the ultra-competitive advertising and publishing arenas including GQ&TALK Magazine, Ted Petersen gained unmatched client experience and an opportunity to work with some of today’s most recognizable brand names while building and managing successful sales teams across the country. From 1996 to 1998, he spent more than two years with the National Football League (NFL Properties) as Advertising Director and was introduced to the professional athlete community on a daily basis while working out of 280 Park Avenue and NFL Headquarters. Since leaving NYC for Arizona and a return to alma mater/Arizona State University and a desire to be closer to family members, Ted’s real estate experience in Arizona has included time at several of Arizona’s best real estate companies before his current professional partnership at Scottsdale’s Premier Brokerage, Launch Real Estate. Upon joining forces with Launch Real Estate, Ted Petersen founded SportStar/AZ in order to better service the volume of player transactions coming in and out of the beautiful state of Arizona. The primary focus at SportStar/AZ is on providing an unparalleled level of professionalism and personal service to ensure our clients experience a seamless relocation process while adhering to strict client confidentiality guidelines. Unlike other local agents who may work with athletes from time to time, 100% of Ted Petersen’s real estate business is dedicated to helping professional athletes and their families which gives Ted and his team a strong advantage in all aspects when it comes to working with professional athletes and their representatives! Having “front office” relationships with the Arizona Cardinals, Arizona Diamondbacks, Phoenix Coyotes, Phoenix Rising, and Phoenix Suns (along with a substantial history of working in conjunction with Financial Advisors &Sports Agents) makes Ted Petersen and his team the smart choice for all professional athletes in Arizona. Whether looking to purchase a dream house, a second home, selling, leasing, or short-term rentals, Ted Petersen/SportStar Arizona will ensure the real estate transaction goes smoothly and all important parties are well-informed during the entire process. This experience is critical to the amount of repeat business/referrals client-testimonials that continue to come to Ted Petersen and SportStar/AZ.

Unlock the Athlete Experience

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