SSR AZ Client Results/Testimonials

“I have moved four children, nine times. We are veterans at moving, but SSR taught us a thing or two about how to make the process more smooth. I have never been able to sit down at 9PM on moving day, catch my favorite TV show and sit back and say ‘wow’! The SportStar Relocation Team was an answer to our prayers. We appreciated their knowledge, wisdom and intuition throughout all the dealings with our home. The staff discussed anxiety and stress with their calming manner and quick response to out calls.”

– Mike and Yvonne Murphy, National Hockey League

“When Katrina hit New Orleans, SportStar Relocation was there to help move my family quickly. In crisis, I was able to move with the Hornets knowing my wife and children were in good hands.”

– Jim Cleamons, Assistant Coach, Los Angeles Lakers

“SportStar Relocation was invaluable throughout my client’s home search and purchase. Their experience and knowledge of the specific housing market kept them one step ahead in every decision that needed to be made. Not only did SportStar Relocation’s real estate agent make finding and purchasing the home as easy for my client as possible, they also went the extra mile (MANY extra miles) and fully set up the house with furniture, utilities and decorating. They worked tirelessly to ensure the house was perfect in every way. SportStar Relocation knows the extra touch needed for a high caliber client. Their thoroughness and attention to detail is priceless!!”

– Jennifer Rickman, Director of Player Relations, Performance Inc.

“SSR basically saved us from a lot of unnecessary stress! They found us the best deals around to transport our truck and household goods across the country, without sacrificing the quality. The movers were the best ones we ever had. They packed everything so nicely and marked the boxes precisely with their contents, which was really important to us! Moving, period, is not easy or fun (for us anyway) but with a baby, it’s a challenge…SSR took care of that challenge for us! Thanks a million!”

– Nathalie and J.S. Aubin, NHL Player, Los Angeles Kings

“Being a professional athlete can be tough at times, but having SportStar Relocation is a great way to make our lives easier. Whether it’s renting, or buying a place to live, moving furniture or shipping a car, they were there every step of the way for me. They fulfilled every need I had in a professional and satisfying manner. Definitely recommended!”

– Jason LaBarbera, NHL Player, Los Angeles Kings

“14 teams later, finally we found a company that can smooth out the hassles of our sudden cross country moves.”

– Jim Jackson, NBA Veteran

“My boyz came through, the new crib is awesome and the service was tight.”

– DJ Paul, Three 6 Mafia

“Thank you so much for allowing us to have such a smooth transition to Cincinnati. We made one call to SportStar Relocation and were warmly greeted by our staff. They quickly addressed all our concerns including connecting us to a local realtor to obtain housing, and located an automobile shipping company to transport our cars. It was so nice to arrive in out new home to find everything we needed already there. First, SSR coordinated with CORT furniture rental to ensure all our furniture was in out home before we arrived. Secondly, they coordinated with a grocery service to ensure our necessities were in the refrigerator, and finally they coordinated with a local delivery company to obtain other household necessities before we arrived. The best compliment that I can provide is that SSR provided all these services as if it was their pleasure to do so. That was so nice! They were extremely pleasant and professional. I will definitely recommend SportStar Relocation to other MLB wives. “

– Jerry and Tanaha Hairston, MLB Player, Cincinnati Reds